BEVERLY HILLS — Yousef Erakat — aka FouseyTube — won entertainer of the year and The Phillip DeFranco Show won show of the year at the sixth annual Streamy Awards on Tuesday.

Erakat, known for his prank videos, has amassed 9.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

DeFranco’s show, which has 4.7 million subscribers, is home to news and culture commentary.

“Thank you to the beautiful bastards that watch and subscribe,” DeFranco said when accepting his award. “There’s not a lot of places where people can talk about things that are home … where we can have a conversation. Thank you for actually having a place like that. And finally, YouTube may be the place that I post videos but the people that watch me … you are my home.” Read more…

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‘The Phillip DeFranco Show’ wins show of the year at the Streamy Awards