After Grace Zhang gave birth to her son a year and a half ago, she and her husband decided that one child was enough for them. And she doesn’t envision changing her mind now that the Chinese government has ended its decades-long one-child policy.

“It’s not mainly about the economic factors, it takes quite a lot of effort to raise a child in the way we want,” Zhang tells Mashable. “Because we both work every day and we often have to work overtime on weekdays, so it’s quite difficult if we have the second child.”

Even before Thursday’s repeal of the policy, the 32-year-old Zhang, who works in public relations for a health care company in Shanghai, was permitted by law to have a second child because both she and her husband were only children themselves. But she said she wanted to focus on her career and not try to juggle work with raising another child. Read more…

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The sad reality for parents of China ending its one-child policy