‘Family Guy’ executive producers Steve Callaghan and Rich Appel admit there’s one scene from the crossover that almost didn’t make air.

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By Sandra Gonzalez2014-09-29 07:30:32 UTC

Going into the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode, in which the Griffins visited Springfield, executive producers Steve Callaghan and Rich Appel sort of had free reign.

They could use any Simpsons character they wanted, had minimal script notes from the Simpsons powers that be, and, overall, a process of almost un-Hollywood levels of smoothness.

But there was one scene, however, that almost didn’t make the cut. (And, no, we’re not talking about that much-talked about scene in which Stewie made a rape reference during prank call to Moe’s, much to Bart’s apparent disgust.)

The scene in question was a part of the 7-minute fight scene where, at one point, Homer throws a number of the iconic statues at Peter. (“That’s no fair,” Peter bellows, “I don’t got none of them!”)

“The Emmy organization didn’t want to clear us to use the Emmy image, which, you have to get [permission] if you’re really going to do it,” Appel told reporters last week after a screening of the hour-long episode that aired Sunday. “As they explained to me, ‘It’s just being used as a weapon.'”

After two rejections, months of waiting, and a rescheduled appointment, Appel said he finally got “a live person” to talk to and convinced them to watch the scene before making a final judgement. “I said, ‘Here’s the thing, it’s a replicable action for only about 425 people in Hollywood and if you tell me Bryan Cranston is going to be arrested for poking [someone with his Emmy]…'”

The clip was ultimately approved. And it’s a fight that was ultimately worth it because the scene in question was hilarious and a crowd pleaser.

Homer whippin out the Emmys. Burn. XD
#FamilyGuy #TheSimpsons #FamilyGuySimpsonsCrossover

— j*aleese (@Twirl4meK) September 29, 2014

Best scene in Simpsons-Family Guy episode was Homer throwing the Emmys. But the whole episode was hysterical. #Simpsons #FamilyGuy

— Ian Winner (@bornawinner92) September 29, 2014

LOL all the Emmys the Simpsons won during the Peter and homer fight #familyguy

— Leon // れおん です (@raion_desu) September 29, 2014

Appel hopes the Emmy officials feel the same way — especially when they see the full scene. “I did tell our producer to run the clip right up to the part the Emmy starts the meltdown [at the power plant],” he said. “That wasn’t requested! And that’s a true story, I said, ‘Cut right there! No need to open that can of worms.'”

For his part, Callaghan is simply hoping Hollywood behaves itself after watching the scene. “I’m going to feel bad next week if there’s a new story that Allison Janney mugged somebody with her Emmy.”