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Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
By Sam Laird2014-09-26 23:20:07 UTC

Beyonce rules all — even college football recruiting, it seems.

Shy Tuttle is a 6-foot-3, 315-pound high school football player from North Carolina ranked among the top players at his defensive-tackle position and recruited by some of the nation’s best football programs.

One of those programs, the University of Tennessee Volunteers, sent Tuttle a rather bizarre piece of recruiting mail last month, which he then tweeted out. It was a mock-up of a Rolling Stone cover featuring Beyonce and Tuttle, accompanied by headlines about the pop star and the prospect.

they snapped with this pic.twitter.com/dSCeiTInho

— Shy (@KingTut_90) August 26, 2014

Predictably, the fake cover was met with snark by the Internet sports peanut gallery. Wow, good luck with that, much of the general reaction went. Why would you even try something so corny and weird?

Well, guess what, sports fans? The jokes on you. Tuttle committed to play college ball for the Volunteers on Friday, choosing Tennessee over Alabama, among other programs, according to Rivals.com.

Just further proof that we’re all but servants in Queen Bey’s fiefdom.

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