If you know Sundar Pichai at all, it’s probably because you’ve suffered through one of the three-hour long Google I/O keynotes he has anchored in recent years. Softly spoken and thickly accented with a gangly, slightly stooped posture, it’s fair to say Pichai is not the world’s most charismatic stage presence

But that presence belies a meteoric rise behind the scenes, from managing the search bar in browsers all the way up to Google’s multi-billion dollar Android business in a decade. Pichai is meticulous, low drama, a detail-oriented diplomat. While the restructuring of Google into Alphabet on Monday came as a complete shock to the tech world, the other part of the announcement — that Pichai would run the restructured Google, the revenue engine that drives all the other Alphabet business — came as little surprise to many GooglersSundar, they say, gets things done. Read more…

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The surprising rise of Google’s new CEO