Hardcore ramen fans didn’t think anything could be more delightful than slurping down a bowl of the Japanese noodle dish. But on Oct. 28, things are about to get real.

Step out of your broth-y comfort zone and prepare yourself for RAMEN RAVE. That’s right. You’ve been eating it wrong.

You see ramen is meant to be eaten in the middle of a pulsating rave with other sweaty people with ridiculous grins. These people know the power of the golden broth. These people are your people.


Image: Tumblr / vilchu

Well, that’s what Melbourne’s Asian fusion restaurant Supernormal would have you believe. The king of ramen Ivan Orkin — or should we say Ivan Ramen — will team up with Supernormal’s head chef and owner Andrew McConnell for one night of steamy, slurping pleasure. Read more…

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There’s a ramen rave coming to Australia because it’s the lucky country