Having a hit song doesn’t guarantee it will be timeless. Just take a look at Spotify.

Data scientist Matt Daniels recently set out to discover the most timeless songs ever (specifically, to prove that “No Diggity” by Blackstreet is a classic) and came back with some fascinating data. Using Spotify plays from 2014, he measured decades of the most-played music by users. While there were numerous surprises, many of the usual suspects made their way into the mix

For example, can you guess the most-played ’90s song on the list? If you guessed “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, then ding ding ding — go collect your prize (disclaimer: just kidding, there’s no actual prize). The 1992 grunge smash has been played over 50 million times on Spotify Read more…

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These are the most timeless songs ever according to Spotify data