LONDON — There are plenty of lists ranking the best films out there.

The IMDB has an ever-changing Top 250 films based on star ratings given by the public, Sight and Sound magazine publishes a 100 greatest films of all time every 10 years (based on votes from critics and people in the film industry), and a constant stream of top 10s — whether that’s based on genre, votes, or people’s personal preferences — can be found all over the place online.

With their recent list, though, the BBC have gone for a slightly different angle. Like Sight and Sound they’ve asked critics across the world for their favourite films, but unlike Sight and Sound (whose 2012 list is almost exclusively made up of 20th century films), they’ve asked critics to stick to their greatest 21st century picks. Read more…

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This ‘100 greatest films of the 21st century’ list is really dividing people