Conventional wisdom tells us hockey players are tough and stoic. But, the stereotypes say, soccer players are drama majors who dive to the turf with gusto at the slightest touch

You might think Joseph Blandisi is playing the wrong sport after seeing the truly epic dive he took during a New Jersey Devils game Tuesday night

Blandisi was slashed by Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andrew MacDonald. He was legitimately fouled on the play — but this delayed reaction seems JUST A LITTLE OVER THE TOP, no?

The funniest part isn’t even the flop. Had MacDonald simply been called for slashing — and Blandisi not been penalized for embellishment, as he was after the big dive — the Devils would have had a power play. Instead, both players were sent to the box and the teams briefly played four-on-four. Read more…

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This absurd NHL dive belongs in the World Cup