The global market for 6×6 pickup trucks just got a bit bigger … and a lot more rugged.

Just when you thought that only the Germans were mental enough to make rugged but luxurious six-wheel drive trucks with the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, here come the Bulgarians with a Toyota Hilux 6×6 of their very own.

Vromos Toyota Hilux 6x6

Image: Vromos

For those unfamiliar with the nameplate, the Toyota Hilux is essentially the global go-to vehicle for simple and rugged pickups

This one, though, is a bit more burly than stock. It was modified by a Bulgarian company called Vromos that normally customizes golf carts into off-roading buggies. The company blessed the Hilux 6×6 with an extra axle, custom pickup bed, fender flares and a generous lift kit that makes the BF Goodrich all-terrain tires underneath it appear simply puny. Read more…

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This Bulgarian Toyota Hilux 6×6 is rugged on the outside, plush on the inside