If you’re one of the millions who followed a deliciously brooding Netflix original about “the man with the mask,” the streaming service has not forgotten you.

A new trailer promoting Marvel’s Daredevil has a little treat for fans who watch it through to the end — which won’t be hard to do. Even the usual gratuitous mentions of Hell’s Kitchen and Matt Murdock’s reminders that “the city needs me” seem exciting again when set to music that sounds like it’s taking as many punches as the masked hero himself.

Season 2 shows the blind and battered Murdock feeling guilty — about violence, death, and the toll of his vigilantism upon his friends and the city that he works tirelessly to protect. But guilt, as Matt’s priest tells him, isn’t a bad thing. “It’s a soul’s call to action,” the Father tells Murdock. “An indication that your work is not yet finished.” Read more…

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This ‘Daredevil’ season 2 trailer is what your city needs