The Detroit Lions were up 20-0 in the third quarter. They still had hopes of making the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers were down on their luck, having lost four of their last five games.

Enter Aaron Rodgers.

After the Packers managed to pull within 23-21 late in the fourth quarter, the Green Bay quarterback was tackled as the clock expired. But a Lions defender’s thumb grazed Rodgers’ facemask — leading to a questionable 15-yard penalty and extending the game for one more untimed play.

That was all Rodgers needed, as he heaved the ball into the end zone from his own 35-yard line and let tight end Richard Rodgers do the rest. The result was perhaps the most stunning comeback of the season, in a week that has had a few of them. Read more…

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This Packers touchdown is the most insane Hail Mary of the NFL season