We’ve all had fantasies of a future where robot chefs live in our homes and make us any meal we desire at any time of the day. But sadly, robots aren’t quite sophisticated enough for home use as of yet.

But that didn’t stop Simone Giertz, a YouTube vlogger known for making hilariously crappy robots, from making her own simplistic robot to make her a sandwich. On Friday, Giertz posted the video “The Sandwich Robot” to show off all that a robot arm can and cannot do for its hungry master.

Not surprisingly, the robot — armed with a plastic knife — couldn’t figure out how to get peanut butter from the jar to the bread.

“I had a robot arm make me a sandwich with help from my friend Fiona Rolander and a remote control from Stuart McConnel,” Giertz wrote on her YouTube video page. “Good stuff. Didn’t manage to feed me anything though.”

Giertz previously built inefficient robots to also badly serve breakfast, chop carrots, applaud, cut her hair, wake her up and even apply lipstick to her face — all with giggle-inducing results.

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This robot is a lousy sandwich chef – CNET