LAS VEGAS — In between the million of TVs, laptops, and wearables at CES are a whole bunch of weird gadgets, like Cerevo’s Tipron robot.

Tipron is a “transforming, Internet-connected projection robot” as one company spokesperson explained to meMashable video producer Keith Hopkin and I joked (but are now dead serious about) that it’s basically a really dumb and not adorable version of R2-D2.

Designed for the home, Tipron has wheels, which lets it roll around from room to room. Its body transforms and expands to reveal a built-in projector capable of projecting an 80-inch 720p HD resolution screen on walls and ceilings from about 10 feet away. The robot’s body can twist to different heights and angles. Read more…

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This transforming robot rolls around your home and shoots projections everywhere