The battle over an Australian chocolate biscuit has turned a sweet business relationship rather sour.

The humble Tim Tam is at the centre of a tussle over prices. Its manufacturer, Arnott’s, even refused to supply Australian supermarket giant Coles with the treats for two week in a blockade that had chocolate lovers sweating.

This is how the world ends,
This is how the world ends,
Not with a bang,
But with a Tim Tam shortage

— Erin Riley (@erinrileyau) December 1, 2015

The supply crisis was triggered by Coles refusing to accept a price increase, according to Arnott’s statement provided via email to Mashable Australia. The company proposed an up to 10% price rise on 54 products effective Oct. 12, including the Scotch Finger, Teddy Bear, Monte Carlo, TeeVee Snacks and, of course, the Tim Tam. Read more…

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Tim Tam crisis: War erupts over Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit