Trey Parker and Matt Stone are certainly no strangers to video games (See: The Stick of Truth).

But the South Park creators are particularly excited about their new game The Fractured but Whole — think about it — out this December.

The duo stopped by Comic-Con Friday evening for a wide-ranging chat about everything from how the show has changed over the years (Season 20 premieres in September) to the angriest reaction they’ve ever gotten from a celebrity (it was Sean Penn, over just the trailer to Team America).

They also shed some light on why the video game is happening now.

“We wanted it to look like you were in an episode of South Park, and the technology just wasn’t there until Xbox 360 generation,” Stone said, noting the junky games from the ’90s. “We just hated that. So when it looked like the show we got excited.” Read more…

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone explain why you should be excited for the ‘South Park’ video game