It was hard enough to raise a new life by yourself. You had to feed it, clean up after it and make sure your math teacher didn’t swipe it from you in the middle of class.

Yes, keeping your Tamagotchi away from digital heaven was hard work. But now a proverbial village — in this case, Twitch users — is banding together to raise a digital creature in the video game streaming platform’s latest interactive experiment.

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In the last couple of years, “Twitch plays” experiments have encompassed games like Pokémon and Dark Souls. Users issue commands through Twitch’s chat that are then sent to a bot controlling the character. (After too much chaos, these generally switched to voting systems in order to prevent trolls from slowing the game’s progress.) This time, we’re watching a robotic finger press larger versions of the virtual pet’s buttons, all commanded by the chatroom. Read more…

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Twitch users commanding a Tamagotchi is weirdest thing on the Internet