Billionaire Warren Buffett, UK outlet The Daily Mail and US telco AT&T have all been said to have expressed interest in buying Yahoo, or at least parts of it, which for months has been looking for a new suitor.

Now, we can add Twitter to that list, according to the New York Post.

Twitter executives met with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer weeks ago, the publication reports, to discuss a potential merger. It was noted, however, that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was not present during the discussion.

Mayer in February unveiled her make or break plan to help breath new life into the struggling Yahoo, which included cutting 1,700 jobs. She also put out a call to would-be buyers, saying she and Yahoo’s board are ready to “engage on qualified strategic proposals.”

Both Yahoo and Twitter were contacted for comment but did not respond immediately.


Twitter and Yahoo reportedly meet to discuss merger – CNET