It can sometimes be difficult to realize you’re living in truly historic times when you’re right in the middle of it. Thankfully, we have Twitter, a kind of real-time pulse tracking the events of our world as they happen, and 2015 was packed with epic, historic moments

We got our hands on this year’s activity data from Twitter and, no matter what lens you view 2015 through, these moments reveal the true face of the past year, from its dramatic highs to its somber lows

Top Retweets

Despite the current tensions around events like mass shootings, terrorism and civil protests, it turns out that the soothing balm of entertainment ruled Twitter in 2015, with tweets about music group One Direction ranking as the top three retweets of the year. The very top tweet, Harry Styles wishing his departing bandmate Zayn Malik goodbye, embodied the positive nature of the social network when it’s at its best Read more…

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Twitter’s top moments of 2015, from ‘Pray for Paris’ to tech mogul battles