Love it or hate it, but Uber has been great for consumers who need to get around cheaply and easily. There is, however, one drawback that’s quite alarming (to your wallet) when it happens: Surge pricing, the bane of a thrifty rider.

With the new upfront pricing, however, Uber aims to do away with warning you that a surge multiplier is in effect. Instead, the app will insteadl tell you just how much your ride will cost before you make the booking. You’ll still pay more than what you normally do, and you won’t get the warning pop-up screens to let you how many more times you’ll be paying.

According to the Wall Street Journal, customers will only be told that through the app that “fares are higher due to increased demand.” The new upfront pricing have been made available in some cities in the US, including Miami, San Diego, Philadelphia. The new method has also been tested in India, where the company has had run-ins with the Indian government over surge pricing.

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Uber's new upfront pricing tucks away the surge – CNET