Before the time of Vine, before the age of Twitter, before the epoch of Instagram and the era of the viral sports highlight, one Vincent Lamar Carter threw down the filthiest, nastiest, sickest, illest and all-around greatest slam dunk in the history of mankind

Vince Carter’s transcendent moment came 15 years ago this Friday, against France at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Now let’s say a prayer for Carter’s victim, one Frederic Weis, a man who will forever be remembered for being on the wrong end of history

With Team USA already beating France 69-54, the 6-foot-6 Carter made a steal in the backcourt. He dribbled toward the rim. In his way was Weis, who stood a whopping 7-foot-2 and had been drafted 15th overall by the New York Knicks the previous summer. But Carter did not juke Weis. He did not even dunk on him, which would have been impressive enough Read more…

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Vince Carter flushed the greatest dunk of all time 15 years ago today