Game of Thrones is full of broken men — and as Season 6 has proven time and again, plenty of badass women to pick up their slack — but “The Broken Man” features the return of one such character in an effort to build him back up. And he’s got the always charismatic Ian McShane to help him out.

The Hound, Sandor Clegane, was last seen left for dead in Season 4, but the episode reveals Brother Ray (McShane) picked him up. Clegane held onto life and began working to help Ray in the man’s religious endeavors.

Ray preaches a nonviolent life as a religious septon to his flock and Clegane starts following the same lifestyle in a pocket of the show’s world that seems surprisingly vibrant and hopeful. Read more…

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War looms on the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ as armies and characters rebuild