Once upon a time, some 30 years ago, the nation’s capital had a successful NFL franchise with a Hall of Fame coach and owner, Super Bowl wins of which to boast and genuine stars for whom the fans could root

The team was a model of efficiency and success; it was the very antithesis of dysfunction. The franchise’s nickname — a disparaging term for Native Americans — was criticized by some, but flew mostly under the national radar, unquestioned and unchallenged as the team continued its winning ways

My, how mightily the picture has since changed in Washington, D.C., where an obstinate team owner refuses to adapt amid evolving societal standards. Meanwhile, his once-proud franchise devolves into a cascading series of embarrassments that feel, if not downright karmic, wholly earned. Those humiliations reached their crescendo this week Read more…

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Washington’s pathetic NFL team self-inflicts the shame it deserves