March 18 will see the premiere in theaters of Thank You For Playing, a documentary film that chronicles the creation of the videogame That Dragon, Cancer. The game is the story of the Green family, who lost their son Joel to cancer at the age of 5. When they began creating the game, Joel was alive, but undergoing constant therapy. The documentary, directed by David Osit and Malika Zouhali-Worrall (the wife of WIRED reporter Andy Greenberg) follows the real world events that inspired the game, contrasting them with the final product, and also shows how the Greens themselves produced the videogame version of their story.

In this exclusive clip from Thank You For Playing, we see Joel’s dad Ryan Green and animator Ryan Cousins comparing video footage of Joel to his in-game avatar, tweaking the game to reflect reality. Later, we see Joel’s mom Amy Green recording some of the lines you hear in the game.

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Watch a Clip From Thank You for Playing, the Powerful Saga of a Videogame