Kanye West, who will headline the Made in America festival over Labor Day weekend, performs at the Wireless Festival on July 5 in London.

Image: Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images
By Brian Anthony Hernandez2014-08-30 16:27:51 UTC

Eighty acts, two cities and one Labor Day weekend full of music — that’s what you’ll see during the Made in America festival live stream on Saturday and Sunday.

Streaming live simultaneously from Philadelphia and Los Angeles, the 3-year-old festival curated by Jay Z will be available to watch on Budweiser’s festival website.

“The live stream will allow users to toggle between Philly and L.A. performances — reinforcing the unique nature of this festival,” Brian Perkins, vice-president at Budweiser, told Mashable. “[It’s] the first bicoastal, simultaneous music festival in America.”

Leading both lineups is Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” tour pal Kanye West.

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Here’s the full Philly lineup with set times:


[embedded content]

Here’s the full Los Angeles lineup with set times:


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