WARNING: This post contains spoilers about House of Cards Season 4, particularly episodes 1-4. There are no spoilers from beyond Episode 4.

After a rather slow start to the fourth season, House of Cards really pumped up the action in Episode 4, with a good ol’ fashioned attempted assassination of an elected official.

It’s a plot we’ve seen play out several times before — The West Wing, Scandal, 24 — but House of Cards tries to put its spin on the storyline by adding a few additional threads.

For one, the person behind the gun — which goes off while Frank is confronting protestors at a rally — is someone we know: Lucas, the former Washington Herald editor who Frank had framed for cyber terrorism. He’s killed in the exchange by Meechum … as is Meechum himself. Read more…

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We need to talk about Episode 4 of ‘House of Cards’ Season 4