Everyone loves a good love triangle, or even a love polygon. But at the end of the day, there can only be one winner.

That also goes for best YA series.

We here at MashReads are known lovers of YA, reading the full YA spectrum, from Twilight to Rainbow Rowell and “everything everything” in between. And we’re not alone. Everybody has their favorite YA book that they’d drop everything for. That’s why we we decided to bring this question to the people: What is the greatest YA series of all time?

Inspired by the success of our ‘This Be Madness’ greatest Shakespeare play contest, we’re conducting our search bracket style. Starting on Wednesday, May 25 we will be putting the best YA series head-to-head to find the our favorite #OneTrueYA novel. Read more…

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We’re looking for the best YA series of all time. What’s your pick?