The holiday season is in full swing, which means plenty of hot chocolate, egg nog and whiling away hours of your life in front of a television screen at home. Get in the yuletide spirit — or just the lazy spirit — with the latest from your favorite streaming services. Shows and films will become available on the dates listed below


Top Pick: Spaceballs

Mel Brooks adds sci-fi zeitgeist to his roster of skillful parodies with Spaceballs, a Star Wars-esque space caper from 1987. Whether it’s John Candy as Barf, Joan Rivers’ voice as the robot droid Dot Matrix, or Brooks himself as the ineffectual President Skroob, Spaceballs is full of characters as memorable and absurd as their Star Wars counterparts…just in slightly different ways. Add it to your pre-Force Awakens watchlist and may the Shwartz be with you.

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