As of Sunday, HBO’s miniseries The Night Of is over. That’s sad. It was really good. But the end of it doesn’t mean you have to quit its compelling noir vibe cold-turkey. Just take a trip to New York City and relive the entire series—minus the grisly murder and Riker’s Island stint—with this bar, restaurant, casino, and golf-course crawl. This cheat sheet will let you walk a mile in John Stone’s sandals (ew).


Vol de Nuit, West Village
This is the bar in which John Stone confronts Cutty, aka Andrea’s ketamine connection. It’s a good beer bar. There’s a courtyard patio out front and some legit Belgian frites on the menu. They’ve got tons of Belgian beer on tap—which made it all the more ridiculous when Stone ordered a Rolling Rock.


Old Town Bar, Union Square/Gramercy
A few blocks northeast of Union Square, this well-loved standby is where Stone and Chandra Kapoor day-drank their way through discussing jury-selection tactics and her recent breakup. It’s 124 years old, but its urinals are only 106 years old. Does that mean it didn’t have urinals for the first 18 years of its existence? Perhaps! Anyway, it’s a great spot, and it has urinals now.


Square Diner, TriBeCa
When Detective Box interviews Andrea’s shady-ass stepdad in that diner, the unique V-cut booth backs tip us off as to their exact location. The wood-paneled interior of this throwback eatery may have actually been a train car at some point. If you like your bacon and eggs with a side of cozy—or just gold-digging personal trainer—look no further.


Fried Dumpling, Chinatown
My man Box likes his dumplings fried, and Stone knows just where to find him: At the aptly named Fried Dumpling down on Mosco St. Five dumplings or four pork buns for a buck! The location also makes sense, as this dumplingry is just across Columbus Park from the NYC Criminal Courthouse. Also, don’t ever type the word “dumplingry.”


Parkside Lounge, Lower East Side
The dark, no-frills watering hole where Box has his “retirement” party and nightly drinks could be one of a zillion dive bars in New York. But there can be only one winner: The Parkside Lounge on East Houston and B. Pro tip: Hit up Root & Bone a couple blocks north for some solid fried chicken.


San Marzano, East Village
As we now know thanks to one of NYC’s thousands of surveillance cameras, Andrea’s last supper took place at “Locanda.” Problem is, there’s no such place. (At least in Manhattan.) Instead, it was fake signage hung up at San Marzano, a restaurant that serves up tasty fresh pasta for $9. This location also makes geographic sense, as she only had to walk about three blocks to hop in Naz’s cab at Stuyvesant and E. 10th.


Raja Sweets, Jackson Heights
This Indian spot in Jackson Heights, Queens, played a major role in the series. It was where Naz’s dad had some difficult discussions with the co-owners of his taxi cab, and in the final episode, it served as the backdrop for Stone and Naz’s goodbye exchange.


Pelham Bay Golf Course, Bronx
The last thing Box wanted to do was spend his retirement farting around on a golf course. But those golf clubs he received as a retirement gift came in handy when he was trailing Ray Halle at this public links in the Bronx.


Empire City Casino, Yonkers
After getting in 18 holes, Halle likely headed west to Yonkers to try his luck at Empire City Casino. This is where Box confronted him at the bar, blew up his spot, and became the unlikely co-hero of the series.

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