In the aftermath of the data release from the AshleyMadison hack, it’s time to discuss some of the broader implications this hack has on other corporations, especially when it comes to responsibility.

Putting aside whether AshleyMadison survives or if it’s just totally screwed, this hack and the release of data about its users is unique in a world where hacking is quickly becoming the norm.

We’ve had a slew of customer data breaches over the last few years — from Sony to Adobe to LinkedIn to eBay to Snapchat to Sony again. What makes AshleyMadison different than most of these attacks is that the end result isn’t simply having your credit card, account password or personal information (date of birth, address, email) made public; its that users’ most covert secrets could be at risk. Read more…

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Why AshleyMadison should be the one to pay for getting hacked