Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talk about self-driving trucks tonight at the first presidential debate? They should, because autonomous vehicles are coming to reshape the infrastructure of America. And when they do, we’ll analyze and fact-check their answers in our WIRED live blog right here starting at 8pm ET.

WIRED’s live blog will help you cut through the sound bites and political theater of the night to focus on the issues that matter most to you. Officially, Clinton and Trump will be debating “America’s Direction, Securing America” and how to “Achieve Prosperity.” How those platitudes will translate into real questions the citizens of America care about is anyone’s guess. WIRED will be be listening in for the candidate’s answers about cybersecurity and net neutrality, the evolution of education in America, how jobs will be affected by increasing automation, climate change and the innovation of fossil fuels, and the future of genetics (to name a few).

Our political reporter Issie Lapowsky will be live in the debate hall at Hofstra University on Long Island, sharing live video and interviews from the floor. WIRED’s National Affairs journalists will join her to analyze the WIRED topics that arise from the debate, or to point out those the candidates ignore. And our prestigious Research Team, led by Senior Editor Joanna Pearlstein, will be fact-checking behind the scenes to investigate the candidate’s claims live.

If you care about the WIRED side of the future, join WIRED’s live blog here at 8pm ET to make sense of what’s sure to be a very unpredictable night.

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WIRED’s Live Blog Fact-Checks the First Presidential Debate