Happy new year! You know what that means: It’s time to run down the most anticipated games of 2016. Yes, yes, many of them were indeed the most anticipated games of 2015, but you know how that goes. Any game worth developing is worth delaying.

There are tons and tons of games slated for release in 2016, so I have hereby assembled (with suggestions from WIRED contributors Daniel Feit, Laura Hudson, and Jake Muncy) to put together a list of the games we can’t wait to play. I should note, as we always do, that the games we eventually hail as the best games of the year 12 months from now may not have appeared on this list, because you never know when something will come out of nowhere to blow you away.

Of course, any list of anticipated games is going to focus on sequels and other known quantities, so we tried our best to forecast some indie games that we have high expectations for. We didn’t include any games that aren’t being promised in 2016.

OK. Caveats and conditions done, feel free to hit that list.

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WIRED’s Most Anticipated Videogames of 2016