MILWAUKEE — The first time I went to Wolski’s Tavern, it felt inevitable.

Hitting the iconic Milwaukee bar at the end of a bar crawl is something of a rite of passage in a city drowning in places to drink, and I felt the time had come to jump on the bandwagon.

I went to high school in the city, and college an hour away, but it took until I’d decamped to the East Coast and was back on a visit for me to finally make the trek.

Bernie Bondar, a co-owner of Wolski’s, behind the bar.

Herb Hoppe, 80, has been coming to the bar for over 50 years and, in his telling, has been a regular since 1968.

In the firmament of Milwaukee’s many iconic bars, Wolski’s exists somewhere beyond legend. When Esquire named Milwaukee the bar city of the year a few years back, Wolski’s was listed among the handful that defined the city’s drinking scene. Read more…

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Wolski’s Tavern is the ultimate Milwaukee drinking hole