If you were into Star Wars as a kid, you probably had a toy lightsaber. You may have a few fond memories of using one to duel with your friends, or terrorize your siblings. Even though they were just telescoping plastic tubes, they could bring joy to any kid with an imagination.

As Star Wars fans have grown up, so have their lightsabers. Thanks to a niche community of sabersmiths and collectors, there’s an online marketplace of lightsabers that do more than the ones you’re used to. Sure, they don’t use energy blades to cut through almost anything, but they’re still pretty impressive. A vast array of features include unique hilt designs, changing color blades, gyroscopic sensors, programmable sound fonts, and more. Want the most out of your lightsaber? Part of the fun is that buyers can work with manufacturers to customize their saber, because no Jedi is alike.

Check out some of WIRED’s favorite lightsabers in the video above. If you like what you see, be sure to follow @acmesabers, @starfall_sabers, and @sabers_forever_ on Instagram to get your feet wet in the world of custom sabers. Or if you’re considering taking the plunge and buying a saber, you can browse the selection at Vader’s Vault or Ultra Sabers.

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You Can Actually Duel With These Awesome Custom Lightsabers