Was justice served on the season finale of ABC’s American Crime? That’s a tough question — one that’s only really answerable with another question: What is justice in this case?

Is it justice for Taylor, the boy who was raped at a party? Is it justice for Wes, the boy who Taylor shot on the steps of their school? Does it matter that Taylor was, prior to the shooting, jumped by Wes and other students and pushed to the edge of sanity?

If American Crime has a specialty, it’s tough questions. But the boldness to ask them and to use the steam from an aggressively boiling pot of conflicted interests to power an entire season is what has made this anthology’s second season a triumphant piece of storytelling. One that, as it turns out, had as much of an ending as you would expect from a show that fearlessly lived on the blurred lines of morality. Read more…

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You can be frustrated by the ‘American Crime’ finale, but don’t deny it was great