When it’s time to “go,” travelers on the run must often make do with sketchy loos.

Apps like SitorSquat and WheretoWee can point the way to clean, standard-issue restrooms, but in many cities there is also the option to hold it and patronize one of potties in the running for this year’s title of America’s Best Restroom.

The contest, now in its 14th year, singles out 10 creative commodes in restaurants, museums and other public spaces and puts them up for a vote

“An out-of-the-ordinary restroom is very telling about the business itself,” said John Engel, spokesman for restroom cleaning and supply company Cintas, which runs the competition. “If they pay that kind of attention to their restroom experience you can bet the overall experience will be phenomenal too.” Read more…

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You can now vote on the best public restroom in the U.S.