Imagine an entire shopping trip without long lines or human interaction. The days of suffering through a mile-long-line on a shopping excursion might soon come to an end.

At this weekend’sNational Retail Foundation’s “Big Show” in New York, Diebold, which produces self-service finance products, will introduce what it’s dubbed a “contact-less self-checkout concept.”

The concept, per a Diebold press release, will allow grocery store customers to skip the check-out lines and instead scan items with their phones as soon as they stuff them into their cart

At the end of the shopping trip, customers will stop by a self-checkout machine — another Diebold product known as the “Irving” — where they can either pay with cash on the machine or through a credit card through tapping the phone’s mobile wallet, which will have credit card information on file. Read more…

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Your phone could soon liberate you from supermarket lines