In case you missed the 10 million ads, The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow debuted Thursday night

On the show, a ragtag group of heroes and not-so-heroes band together to make some major changes to the world’s current trajectory

The team captain — of sorts — is a time traveler named Rip Hunter, a character comic fans know well. And in one of those wow-TV-is-a-small-world bonuses, the time hopper is played by Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill

Most of the first episode, which aired Thursday night, was spent on valuable and crucial scene setting — introducing characters, dynamics and stakes. And considering the show had the unique challenge of taking some characters from other shows (particularly Flash and Arrow) and putting them into the mix with characters viewers didn’t know, it was a task handled very well Read more…

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You’re not the only one getting ‘Doctor Who’ feels from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’