If you had a betting pool about what actress-slash-singer Zooey Deschanel would name her baby (ha, who would do that? Not us!!), you just lost — because she just managed to out-Deschanel us all

Deschanel and husband Jacob Pechenik told People on Wednesday that their 3-month old daughter’s name is Elsie Otter.

Elsie. Otter. Say it slowly

El Sea Otter.

This is, of course, exactly the type of cute-yet-original-yet-almost-too-cute name we would expect from quirk queen Deschanel, who has chosen to keep photos of her baby private for the time being. And while it may be coincidence, it’s also worth noting that “otter” rhymes with “daughter,” which might just give the new parents endless opportunities to write whimsical songs and poems about their little girl Read more…

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Zooey Deschanel gave her baby the most Zooey Deschanel name possible