Don’t eugoogolize the Zoolander franchise yet. According to its newly-released trailer, the 2001 comedy’s long-awaited sequel looks like it just might deliver a bracing shot of Blue Steel.

Zoolander 2 — or 2oolander, according to its title card, a name that’s as smartly stupid as the first movie’s best jokes (so it’s pronounced two-oo-lander?) — picks up over a decade after the original, in a fashion world that’s changed enormously from the one Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) once knew.

Social media stars and ambiguously gendered waifs — like Benedict Cumberbatch, nearly unrecognizable as a vaguely Andreja Pejic-esque model — have replaced traditional strutters; Zoolander and his pal Hansel (Owen Wilson) have been reduced to old, lame (lamé?) curiosities. Read more…

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