China, Pakistan intelligence services hunting down CIA’s informants; American intelligence agency struggling to recruit spies: NYT report

The New York Times said in a report that “top American counterintelligence authorities cautioned each Central Intelligence Agency station and base all throughout the world last week about disturbing quantities of informant enlisted from different nations to spy for the United States being caught or killed.”

United States counterintelligence authorities are cautioning Central Intelligence Agency stations all throughout the planet about “troubling” quantities of informants selected from different countries to spy for America being caught or killed, as indicated by a media report which said lately “antagonistic intelligence services” in nations, for example, Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan have pursued down the organization’s sources and transformed them into double agents in some cases.

The message was sent in an unusual highly confidential cable and said that “the CIA’s counterintelligence mission focus had taken a gander at many cases over the most recent quite a long while including unfamiliar witnesses who had been killed, captured or probably compromised.”

The cable additionally featured “the battle the covert agent organization is having as it attempts to select government operatives all throughout the world in troublesome working conditions.

As of late, antagonistic intelligence services in nations, for example, Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan have been chasing down the CIA’s sources and at times transforming them into twofold specialists,” the NYT report said on Tuesday.

Over the most recent twenty years, the Central Intelligence Agency has intensely put resources into nations like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan in its war against terrorism.

The utilization of artificial intelligence, facial acknowledgment, and other refined instruments have made it simpler for foreign governments agencies to track United States intelligence officials working in their nation, as per the report. The checking of the other governments’ intelligence officials could undoubtedly lead them to the agents working for the CIA, according to the NYT report.