India, japan conduct the naval exercise in the Indian Ocean

India, japan conduct the naval exercise Ships of the Indian navy ins Kulish and japan maritime self-defense force (JMSDF) training squadron ships JS Kashima and Setoyuki undertook passage exercise PASSEX in the Andaman sea on June 13, 2021

Indian navy spokesperson tweeted that Indian Navy & JMSD regularly undertake bilateral & multilateral exercises like JIMEX AND MALABAR


BridgesofFriendship Enhancing interoperability & strengthening bilateral maritime cooperation #IndianNavy Ship #INSKulish & #JMSDF Training Squadron ships JS Kashima & JS Setoyuki undertook Passage Exercise #PASSEX in Andaman Sea on 13 Jun 21 (1/2).

Indian Navy & JMSD regularly undertake bilateral & multilateral exercises like JIMEX AND MALABAR(2/2)

JIMEX: JIMEX is the India-Japan maritime bilateral exercise JIMEX Indian navy and japan navy series of exercises commenced in January 2012 with a special focus on maritime security cooperation. The India-Japan maritime bilateral exercise will further enhance the cooperation and mutual confidence between the two navies and Increase the bond of friendship between the two countries. The last edition of JIMEX was conducted in the North Arabian Sea from 26th – 28th September 2020.

MALABAR: The Malabar exercise started in 1992 was a bilateral exercise between the Indian Navy and the United States Navy. Later in 2015, the navy of Japan became its permanent member, and now the Australian Navy has also been included in it. The last edition of the MALABAR exercise was conducted in 2020. Phase 1 of Malabar Exercise 2020, which was conducted in the Bay of Bengal from 03 to 06 November 2020

TWEET OF japan maritime self-defence force

13 JUN, JS KASHIMA (TV3508), and JS SETOYUKI (TV3518) conducted a bilateral exercise with INS KULISH (P63) at the Indian Ocean to realize “Free and Open Indo–Pacific”.