Why Australia’s Purchase of Submarines is an Important and Historic Event


On Monday, President Joe Biden along with the leaders of Australia and the United Kingdom jointly declared a significant strategic development that Australia will be acquiring nuclear-powered attack submarines from the United States. This move is aimed at upgrading Australia’s naval forces to counter China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to a defense official who spoke with Reuters on Tuesday, the nuclear-powered submarine program that Australia is pursuing in collaboration with the United States and Britain is projected to cost up to A$368 billion ($245 billion) by the year 2055.

Australian Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, has described the decision to acquire nuclear-powered submarines from the United States and Britain as a “game-changing investment.” The total projected cost for the program comprises expenses related to the construction of the submarines, necessary infrastructure, and training.

Additionally, it is expected to provide a significant employment boost, with an estimated 20,000 jobs being created in Australia over the course of three decades.

This decision is a noteworthy move, which demonstrates the strengthening of the partnership between these three countries, and shows their collective concern about China’s aggressive behavior in the region. The acquisition of these submarines will provide Australia with an advanced military capability and will contribute to enhancing regional security and stability.

The acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines is a significant investment in Australia’s military capabilities and is a response to the changing security landscape in the region. This decision has been made with the goal of protecting Australia’s national interests, preserving regional peace and stability, and promoting international security.

The purchase of these submarines from the United States also reflects the deepening of the defense relationship between the two countries. The U.S. has been a longstanding ally of Australia, and this move further solidifies their partnership in the realm of defense and security.

The Strategic Significance of Submarines: Why They are Indispensable for Maritime Defense”

Submarines are a vital component of a nation’s military capabilities, particularly when it comes to naval warfare. They are able to operate underwater, making them difficult to detect and track, and can therefore carry out a range of tasks, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance, as well as launching attacks on enemy targets.

Submarines are capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear payloads, and their ability to strike from beneath the surface of the water gives them a strategic advantage over other naval vessels. In addition, they can remain submerged for extended periods, allowing them to operate in a covert manner, which can be advantageous in situations where surprise is key.

Beyond their combat capabilities, submarines are also essential for the protection of a nation’s maritime interests. They are able to patrol and secure coastal waters, protect shipping lanes and ports, and conduct search and rescue missions.

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